COMMA Meeting June 17th 2024

  • The latest comma meeting was held at Gloucester Royal Hospital. It was a brilliant day with lots of networking opportunities and some fabulous presentations. Presentations from the day can be found in the members area. Please send us an email if you would like access.


  • Dr Dave Luther – Obstetric Anaesthesia: Singapore versus Severn
  • Ms Katie Cornthwaite – Impacted fetal head
  • Ms Susanna Stanford – Patient experience of failed neuraxial analgesia
  • Dr Laura beard – Updates from the OAA Conference

Trainee Oral Presentations

  • Anaphylaxis, adrenaline and atony – Dr Annie Wood & Dr Neil Choudhuri
  • Peripartum complications of a massive leiomyoma: Haemorrhage & Hypercalcaemia – Dr Sam Jackson
  • Regional anaesthesia alert bracelet: our successes and barriers – Dr Jenetha Rajendram & Dr Annie Wood
  • City wide patterns of ethnic differences in obstetric anaesthesia care. A cross site analysis of 17,588 deliveries in CDS. Dr Sethina Watson,  Dr Amy Ashford et al.
Well done to Sam Jackson for winning the trainee oral presentation prize


  1. Susanna Stanford offering her patient experience of inadequate anaesthesia “start with the assumption that the neuraxial block ISN’T working and prove to yourself that it IS”. Test the block and believe the patient.
  2. Katie Cornthwaite speaking on the MDT approach to impacted fetal head at Caesarean section. Technical skills and non technical skills are equally important and we, as anaesthetists, can have an impact through:
  • Ergonomics (bed down low)
  • Tocolysis (GTN spray)
  • PPH management
  • Maintaining communication with the patient and birth partner

3. Interesting insights from Dave Luther specifically 18G Tuohy needles create fewer PDPHs than 16G and are standard practice in Singapore along with CSE’s for labour analgesia.

Introduction by Jo, Laura and Henry
Insights from Dave Luther on anaesthetic obstetric practice in Singapore
Katie Cornthwaite giving advice on how anaesthetists might help for an impacted fetal head
Sam Jackson won the trainee oral presentation prize for his case report